Thursday, November 21, 2019

I am not an alien

The idea of referencing my body of work time and time again with women compared to Aliens, Cyborgs and Androids , or fragmented with X-rays and metal pieces has been prevalent in my work since my first collection, named Alien after, the aesthetic that resulted reminded me of the iconic Ridley Scott movie . I have always questioned myself ,why? What is it about women , that I portray them as you would an Alien or robot : powerful, intimidating &menacing... The idea of women as a threat is not new  to humans , time and time again it is women who can be seen vilified as witches , snakes, deceitful mermaids & temptation that lures the “good men “ to  the evil path. I dont believe I create these hybrid “ human, machine , Alien” amazon  females to be menacing . Quite the opposite: the moments I have felt less in control of my being , and controlled by others , not allowed the freedom of choice , of existing on my own without some sort of approval or consent from men , I drift towards this fantasy of the powerful Alien:so feared both by woman & especially , in my mind , by men . It has been in those moments when I have had less control over MY EXISTENCE that I have adopted the narrative as obviously a way to be on the other side : that of the woman in control ,the woman that has the power to destroy but chooses to create . I am sure it has to do with how I perceive  the dynamics of power between men and woman. We are taught from an early age to be kind and agreeable ,whereas men are shown the opposite , to be competitive & even aggressively so, to achieve their goals , & that’s where I see what bothers me , is the notion that woman “ should not” be as competitive or aggressive as our male counterparts as we will immediately be seen in an inappropriate “ evil “ way and be called names I am already tired of being thrown at.I just think for me it has become very important to prove us capable and powerful but remaining women, not witches ,snakes, deceitful mermaids , or evil temptation ...but also NOT ALIENS ,OR MAN MADE CYBORGS . Just women , and that :To be able to be comfortable with being a woman with goals without the “ armor or the disguise” Is all I strive for 

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